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Otoplasty, known more commonly as ear surgery or ear set back, is a surgical procedure which corrects prominent or large ears by setting them back closer to the head or reducing them in size. Otoplasty can also improve a “lop ear”, “cupped ear”, “shell ear”, hooded or floppy ears, large or stretched earlobes, and lobes with wrinkles and creases.

You may be a San Diego ear surgery candidate if you are physically healthy and have realistic expectations for improving large or prominent ears or other deformities of the ear. Surgery can be performed on adults as well as on children over the age of five as this is when the ear achieves adult size. Insurance often covers surgery before the age of ten to correct congenital deformities.

Dr. Manchester may perform the otoplasty procedure at the Manchester Clinic located in San Diego, California. He often uses general anesthesia for younger children and local anesthesia for older children and adults. Surgical time is about one hour. The incision for otoplasty is most often located within the deep crease behind the ear. This allows the resulting scar to be well concealed. Working through this incision, the bowl of the ear is reduced and the ear is set back closer to the head.

You may experience some mild discomfort after your otoplasty procedure which can be alleviated with medication. Some swelling, redness and numbness may also occur. The ears will be dressed in wet cotton covered by a large head dressing to help maintain the new shape and minimize bleeding. Two days after your surgery, the dressings will be removed and replaced by a headband which will need to be worn for two weeks. While you will likely be able to return to work or school within five to seven days, it is very important that you be careful for four to six weeks after surgery to allow for complete healing. Contact sports will need to be postponed along with any activities in which the ear can become bent. All normal activities can typically be resumed after six weeks.


What is otoplasty?
Otoplasty, which is also referred to as ear surgery or ear set back, is a surgical procedure designed to set prominent ears back closer to the head or reduce the size of large ears. Ear surgery can treat large or stretched earlobes, lobes with wrinkles and creases, hooded or floppy ears, “lop ear”, “cupped ear”, and “shell ear”.

How do I know if I’m a candidate for otoplasty?
If you are in good physical health and have realistic expectations for improving large or protruding ears, then ear surgery may be an option for you. Ear surgery can be performed on children aged five and older.

Are there any age restrictions for undergoing otoplasty?
While otoplasty is often performed on children, younger patients should be at least five years of age as this is when the ears reach adult size. Otoplasty can also be performed on adults.

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