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The necklift and chin liposuction are surgical procedures which address loose skin of the neck and excess fat (turkey gobble) from beneath the chin. Over time and due to factors like heredity and weight fluctuations and gravity, the muscles and skin of the neck and lower face begin to sag, resulting in jowls and excess fat along the jaw and beneath the chin. The neck may appear wide and thick or neck bands may form and lead to the appearance of a turkey neck.

You may be a San Diego neck lift candidate if you are physically healthy and have realistic expectations for improving sagging or loose neck skin. Liposuction alone may be sufficient if you have just excess fat and no loose or sagging skin. While the necklift is often combined with the facelift, it can be performed as a stand-alone procedure. Though the neck lift is less invasive than the facelift, it is still able to provide dramatic results for individuals with sagging skin in the chin and neck.

Dr. Manchester performs the necklift procedure at his clinic in San Diego, California. Local, I.V. or general anesthesia may be used and the surgery typically takes two hours to complete. Incisions are often located under the chin and/or behind the ears. Working through these incisions, excess fat and skin are removed and the underlying neck muscles are tightened.

After your necklift surgery, you may experience some amount of discomfort, swelling and bruising. Medication will be prescribed to help with any discomfort that you do experience. Some temporary numbness of the skin may also occur. A special compression garment may need to be worn for several days. Work may often be resumed within five to ten days, while strenuous activities and exercise will need to be suspended for at least three weeks.


What is a necklift?
The necklift is a surgical procedure which can restore a more youthful, firmer contour to the neck and chin area. The neck lift can improve loose skin of the neck, jowls, excess fat from beneath the chin, a turkey neck, and neck bands.

How do I know if I’m a candidate for a necklift?
If you are in good physical health and have realistic expectations for improving loose or sagging neck skin, then the necklift may be an option for you. Individuals with just excess fat may be candidates for liposuction without surgery.

Where is the necklift procedure performed?
Dr. Manchester often performs the necklift surgery at his San Diego, California clinic, the Manchester Clinic of Plastic Surgery.

At Dr. Manchester’s cosmetic surgery San Diego offices, patients are treated with the highest respect and compassion. This approach helps patients relax and openly discuss their aesthetic needs and concerns. Dr. Manchester uses this information to create individualized treatment plans for each one of his San Diego forehead lift, eyelid surgery and neck lift patients. Similarly, Dr. Manchester uses an individualized approach to deliver the best possible results for his otoplasty, face lift and rhinoplasty San Diego patients. To obtain more information about these treatments, please visit the respective pages.

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