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The Unfavorable Result – The Need for Treatment– WE CAN HELP

Unfavorable, poor plastic surgery results are becoming more commonplace today. Our staff at the Manchester Clinic finds that 25% of our new San Diego cosmetic surgery patient inquiries are requests for corrections on surgeries performed elsewhere. The cause for this epidemic is simple. Due to the economic recession and the growing popularity of plastic surgery, more and more physicians without formal training are advertising themselves as cosmetic surgeons.

There are over twenty false boards pretending to guarantee competent cosmetic/plastic surgeons. 60 Minutes, Date Line and others have all had programs documenting on this growing health problem. Reviewing popular magazines and T.V. shows, this problem is not confined to the average citizens. The rich and famous have fallen prey to these unscrupulous individuals as well. Eighty percent (80%) of all plastic surgery performed in the United States today is done by non-trained, uncertified physicians with no formal board certification. The field has been flooded with general practitioners, gynecologists, dermatologists, general surgeons and orthopedists. Most of these surgeons have had weekend courses or three-day seminars. A board-trained plastic surgeon has had a minimum of seven years of formal training.

This is why it is vital that each individual interested in plastic surgery thoroughly research his or her chosen doctor. Please refer to Dr. Manchester’s “7 Steps to Picking the Right Plastic Surgeon” when you begin your search for a physician.

As a Harvard-trained plastic surgeon with more than 30 years experience, Dr. Manchester specializes in revision surgery using his expertise to provide patients with a better, more satisfying result. Here are some examples of the problems commonly encountered in patients coming to our practice and how Dr. Manchester has helped them:

Poor Breast Surgery

  • Implants in the wrong position or unequal size and placement
  • Irregular contour with movement of breasts implants
  • Poor scars or keloid scars
  • Displacement of breast implants into the upper abdomen

Poor Facelift Surgery

  • Loss of sideburns
  • Visible scars behind and in front of the ears
  • Pulled too tight
  • Too large a forehead with elevation of the eyebrow and a startled look
  • Visible scars in the neck
  • Paralysis of the muscles of the face or around the mouth
  • Loss of skin of the neck and check

Poor Eyelid Surgery

  • Too much skin removed
  • Droopy eyelid
  • Corner of the eye destroyed or altered
  • Visible Scars
  • Lower Eyelid pulled down
  • Unable to close the eyelids while sleeping

Poor Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Surgery

  • Poor result from desired request
  • Too much bone or cartilage removed
  • Bones not in alignment
  • Nose turned up too much
  • Hump removed in excess

Poor Abdominoplasty

  • Poor contour to umbilicus (belly button)
  • Scar to high or spread and seen in bathing suit
  • Poor scar

Poor Liposuction

  • Too much fat removed and irregular mottling
  • Step off deformity

Corrective Surgery Procedures We Perform

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